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Ahola & Silander - S​ä​hk​ö​tuoli CS (Satatuhatta)

Ahola & Silander - S​ä​hk​ö​tuoli CS (Satatuhatta)

Distribution item imported from Satatuhatta (Finland)

Ahola & Silander return to Satatuhatta with a new full-length tape release, 'Sähkötuoli (Electric Chair)'. This Finnish duo has a very unique style in noise. The approach is more industrial than harsh, and on this release they're even knocking on the doors of avant-garde. Ahola & Silander know how to leave room for silence, a most powerful thing, creating atmosphere and underlining the impact of desired effect. This is a tape that breaths, while also having the skills to creep from behind and choke you.

Chrome tape limited to 100