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Cyess Afxzs - Tápies CS (Satatuhatta)

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Cyess Afxzs - Tápies CS (Satatuhatta)

Distribution item imported from Satatuhatta (Finland)

Cyess Afxzs is fairly new noise artist form Ireland, located in Switzerland at the moment. Sounds of Cyess Afxzs are very skillfully executed and you can label it easily as harsh noise in a traditional sense, but there is so much more in it. What I love about Cyess Afxzs work, there are lot of breathtakingly musical qualities hidden in the compositions and they seem to tell a story everytime.

Tàpies is based around the work of Spanish painter Antoni Tápies, and this tape continues the series of releases about famous artists admired by Cyess Afxzs.

Chrome tape limited to 100 copies