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V/A (tape) "Transgressive Collective IV" C-40 (Cipher Productions)

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V/A (tape) "Transgressive Collective IV" C-40 (Cipher Productions)

Distribution item imported from Cipher Productions (Australia)

Retrieved from the vaults of Reverse Records, ‘Transgressive Collective IV’ is the culmination of enquiries into the irreverent, unforgiving, callous and violent. Sharing only a broad theme, each of Sutcliffe Jügend, Satori, Isomer, Streicher, Inhibition, Dry Greed, S.T.A.B. Electronics and Stark contribute a track of their finest contemporary work, as well as a page of A5 art. Stan Reed (Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Dried Up Corpse) then added a detailed piece of collage art for the cover.

The result is a 12 page booklet paired with eight tracks on either CD or cassette (same content on each), with 100 on each audio format. A highpoint of modern audio primitivism and exploratory arts.