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Deaf Lions "Eine Nacht" Cassette

Deaf Lions "Eine Nacht" Cassette

Deaf Lions is the recording project of T.S. Vickers who was based out of the San Francisco area. Although only active for a short period during the 1980s and early 90s, Vickers pioneered an enigmatic style of industrial / ambient utilizing early digital sampling techniques, Roland Juno compositions, and reel-to-reel tape loops.

Cassettes by Deaf Lions were self-released under the Stolen Art Productions imprint, though 1987’s “Copia” saw an official label release with Al Margolis & Sound of Pig. Collaborative efforts were rare, but tracks with Minóy and Croiners surfaced on various artist compilations of the era, and two tapes were released with PBK. The artist’s last known master recordings, compiled here as “Eine Nacht”, have never been released to the public in any form until now.

Vickers relocated to Fukushima soon after the dissolution of the Deaf Lions project and has not been heard from since his residence in Japan. This release has been made possible through cooperation with PBK, who generously provided his master of the recording sessions.