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Die Sonne Satans "Fac-Totum" CD Digipak (Tribe Tapes)

Die Sonne Satans "Fac-Totum" CD Digipak (Tribe Tapes)

Distributed internationally by: Satatuhatta (Finland), Old Europa Cafe (Italy), Tobira Records (Japan), Scream & Writhe (Canada), Art Into Life (Japan), and White Centipede Noise (Germany)

All tracks produced and composed by Die Sonne Satans except "Dismal Chant", which is based on a song from Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.
Originally released by Slaughter Productions (cassette SPT 07) 1993
"Regerminated Part 3" was originally released on Slaughter Age 95 compilation (cassette SPT 39) Slaughter Productions 1995
"Addenda" and "Dirge" were originally released on Prayer of Mankind compilation (cassette SSSM-015) SSSM 1997

Revised by Paolo Beltrame
Remastered by Maurizio Pustianaz (

In memory of Marco Corbelli

Photos and artwork by Paolo Beltrame - Design by Maurizio Pustianaz