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Dodge Jones Rage "West Coast Power Outage V" CD (Absurd Exposition)

Dodge Jones Rage "West Coast Power Outage V" CD (Absurd Exposition)

Distribution item from Absurd Exposition (Canada)

"What Gives?

The Dodge Jones Rage power-trio was started in late 2021 as a distributed pandemic-driven experimental-noise-audio collaboration by three long-time grizzled sonic veterans, getting older getting noisier. After sharing some initial recordings with each other it was clear that we were having Fun!! So we kept doing it.

Through 2022 we were quite busy- a cassette from Absurd Exposition, an LP from Charnel Music, a CD from Phage Tapes, and a 7” lathe from !MONDO ANTHEM! Each release titled West Coast Power Outage, with increasing Roman numerals to distinguish them. This newest release is V.

Our noise varies widely. There are deconstructed distorto-rumbles, fragmenting cracks in the noise, blasted peeks into alternate universes of broken-down machinery overlords and curious exo-alien tourists on expired visas listening to 80’s Moroccan mix tapes with dying AA batteries. Or we’ll approach a wall-of-noise covered with ivy-like tendrils of squeals, punches, and cinematic waves of sound. Sometimes there will be comparatively calm glacier-like slabs of atmospherics made of punishing layers of ooze. Perhaps most often, confusing, mind-melting caverns of bliss, psychedelic collections of puzzling, rumbling, hissing sounds as if from inside the multiversal computer as it finally breaks down and comes to a halt. We love Noise and we love making Noise!"