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Dodge Jones Rage "West Coast Power Outage VII" CD Digipak (Tribe Tapes)

Dodge Jones Rage "West Coast Power Outage VII" CD Digipak (Tribe Tapes)

Professionally-manufactured CD in digipak packaging

"What’s the Deal?

The Dodge Jones Rage power trio was started in late 2021 as a distributed pandemic-driven experimental-noise-audio collaboration by three long-time grizzled sonic veterans. After sharing some initial recordings with each other, suddenly things started moving quickly, and it was clear that this was destined to be, as they say, A Thing.

Thus far there have been releases from Absurd Exposition, Charnel Music, Phage Tapes, Pressortape, and !Mondo Anthem!. All releases are and will be titled West Coast Power Outage, with increasing Roman numerals to distinguish them. This CD is number VII.

The noises offered by the trio are deconstructed constructions, distorto-rumble making cracks leading to alternate universes of broken-down machinery and curious aliens. Or comparatively calm glacier-like slabs of atmospheric, yet occasionally punishing, layers of ooze. Or confusing, mind-melting caverns of bliss. Or perhaps psychedelic collections of puzzling, rumbling, hissing sounds from inside the multiversal computer as it finally breaks down and comes to a halt. Or something mixing all of those. You never know, and neither do they, so everyone’s even."

Artwork by Paul van Trigt