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Max Julian Eastman - Zabriskie / Manor 3" CD (Satatuhatta)

Max Julian Eastman - Zabriskie / Manor 3" CD (Satatuhatta)

Distribution item imported from Satatuhatta (Finland)

"Zabriskie / Manor" is a follow up release of the excellent Model Of Malehood released last year on Tribe Tapes, a label run by artist himself. This material was originally recorded to C90 and only a handful of copies were passed around. Those familiar with music of Max Julian Eastman know the dream-like atmosphere that it holds in. It's like a mixture of old beaten copy of action movie VHS and a hazy setting of 80's Playboy photoshoot, rumble and comfort combined. The material was revisited for this 3" CD resulting compact and a very unique release that is not heard everyday, with intend to maintain the properties of original medium. Scrap metal, turntables and cassette sources were probably harmed during the recording process.