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SW1n-Hunter "Trust" Cassette (Tribe Tapes)

SW1n-Hunter "Trust" Cassette (Tribe Tapes)

2021 release, limited to 50. Last copy

"SW1n-Hunter is the alias of Adam Denton from somewhere in the UK. After contributing to compilations and split cassettes in 2018 and 2019, “Trust” is his first full release. Again it’s on cassette, but this time Adam’s output found a home across the pond as North Carolina based Tribe Tapes released it.
The sound palette Adam uses consists of ‘prepared electric guitar/instrumental mutations, field recording, human/machine utterance, tape manipulation, feedback systems, etc.’. Quite a broad array of origins makes the release very dynamic. Mostly you will see artists use a much more limited number of sources, creating a more coherent output. But a few tracks with a different “feel” don’t make a release completely incoherent. With SW1n-Hunter, coherence is found within the sculpting of sounds. The field recordings and ‘human utterance’ connect the tracks so that the dynamics are a welcome variation in the whole perspective.
“Trust” contains almost 40 minutes of well-executed sound experiments while it guides the listener to a field of audified emotions or settings. Except for the opening track “Loss Of Scale In The Thoroughfare”, where it sounds like a sneaky experiment with singing bowls is being conducted in the corner of the subway, it’s quite a noisy release with a heavy analogue feel. It’s like a painting of the “real world” through the eyes - or should we say ears - of a casual bystander who happened to be a sound artist.
Production-wise the release could have been a bit more transparency or brightness, as it sounds pretty lo-fi. That might be the result of the cassette as chosen medium, or it could be the intention of the release as we live in a muffled era and the UK, well, you know … (BW)"